Nutrition made simple
Let us do the hard work so you can do what you really love
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Nutrition made simple
Let us do the hard work so you can do what you really love
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Nutrition made simple
Let us do the hard work so you can do what you really love
Learn more
Nutrition made simple
Let us do the hard work so you can do what you really love
Learn more

Change is scary, right? I had a successful, secure and well-paid job, a close group of friends, and a comfortable unit in Sweden. Why would I leave? Passion

So here we are… I moved to Australia in 2013 to become a Certified Personal Trainer, and what place could be better than the mecca of Health and Fitness, the Sunshine Coast. After completing my Diploma of Fitness I immediately got offered a job as a Personal Trainer in a female gym only, one of the best female gyms on the Sunshine Coast! I knew straight away that THIS is MY PASSION! As rewarding as it was to work as PT, I chose to start a new phase in my career, Nutritional Medicine. Why? I want to give YOU all the tools YOU need to REALLY change YOUR life for the better! I want to give YOU what I never had, until today. 

Izabelle Malmberg

Done with depriving your body on nutrients? Looking for recipes? Healthy advice based on evidence ? We’ve got you covered xx

SHE is all about giving....
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Sometimes it is hard to know what your body actually needs. Take this quick quiz to find out if your current diet is providing the actual amount of nutrients that your body needs.


Join us and get access to online work-shops, weekly videos, yummy recipes, daily weight-loss inspiration,  positive body image messages + connect with women like you


We have put together an easy step-by-step program that fuels your body with nourishing, delicious food while reducing bloating and increasing energy, all at once!

SHE's the real deal

Nutritional Consultation

Full consult involving current and past medical + dietary history, full dietary analysis, supplementation and testing recommendations - if needed - future recommendations + goal setting + exercise plan

Diet Analysis

Based on a minimum 3 days food diary filled out previously via app or email. Full breakdown of macro and micronutrient deficits and excesses + recommendations of what specific foods and how much of that food to eat to reach your needs. Online + Face to Face option

Health Assesment

Fir women wanting to track their progression during their health journey. Assessment involves Weight, Fat percentage, Percentage of body water, Muscle mass, Physical Index, Bone mass, Metabolic Age, Basic metabolic rate and BMI. Waist to Hip ratio, Girth-measurements (upper arm, chest, waist, stomach, hips and thighs) Tongue, Hair and Nail analysis and Blood pressure

Functional Testing

We offer functional testing through Nutripath if indicated necessary. Pathology testing can be useful to further asses your current state of health before acting on a nutritional treatment plan and additional supplementation.

Signature Programs






Personal Training


Based on your goals & current fitness level. We offer at Home-Workouts, Body-Weight-programs, Gym Plans, Cardio-Based, HIIT, Functional Training or a mix – your choice! No consult needed.


Inside information about my skin transformation using

have you tried it "all" but still have skin issues?

Don't Worry

I know what it feels like not wanting to leave your home because of bad skin. I became less social, did not want to date and I did not want to post any photos of myself on social media. It affected my work, uni and any relationship I tried to develop. I felt embarresst and angry that NOTHING would work…  Until I completely changed my diet. I want to help you heal through easy and achievable methods based on science, and educate you on why your skin turned on you in the first place + what you can do about it and how to ensure it stays healthy forever!

Do you want to take back control over your skin?

She can help you.

Feel free to take the quiz above to find out if your diet is contributing to unhealthy skin, if yes, you might want to consider our skin-repair program

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