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I’m sharing these photos as body image + being confident in my own skin is a topic that lies very close to my heart. I love seeing these pics around social media and hope more women will take action and do the same.

Social media can push you and your thoughts into something that is SO FAR AWAY from the actual truth and make you feel like you aren’t enough. BUT YOU ARE

I see all these amazing women on Instagram and Facebook, and 80-90% of the time I just ignore it and won’t compare myself to others (why shouldn’t you?) but sometimes, that 10% find its way into my head and mess up my thoughts, my self-worth and how I feel about myself.

“I should be skinnier, I should be more tanned, my teeth aren’t t white enough, my thighs are too big, my butt is too small, my hair isn’t long enough” and the list goes on.

What does this mean?

Self-worth and self-esteem isn’t something that should be based on appearance, or anyone else’s opinion about you. 

And isn’t that great?

YOU have the power to change how YOU want to feel and how much YOU are WORTH and how you SHOULD BE TREATED.

I am working on this every single day and those 80-90% used to be MUCH LESS

Does that mean you shouldn’t want to lose weight, become healthier, increase muscle mass or whatever it is you want? No.

It means that please try to APPRECIATE what YOU have RIGHT NOW and be HAPPY RIGHT NOW, because “NOW” is all we have, and if you aren’t enjoying yourself right now then why would you when you’ve reached your goal?

I’ve been there, had a goal, reached it and thinking it would = happiness.


Happiness comes from within yourself and the sooner you start loving yourself (like for real) the sooner you will realise that you can feel amazing DURING your journey, not just at the end point….. it’s OK to be YOU and not having to change a single thing.
If someone says otherwise you need consider if this person is really someone you want in your life?

But I am scared I will get lonely....

Look, once you decide what you are worthy of, how you want to be treated and the type of people you want around you, some of your current friends might not come along for the ride.

It doesn’t matter what the change is based upon, whether you decide that you want to lose-weight, start a specific diet, get a new job, run your own business, start a degree or end a relationship because it doesn’t serve you.

People will have opinions about all of the above, some might even get jealous,  or try to stop you form achieving this change because they don’t want you to change. Change is uncomfortable, but it is sometimes necessary and can be the greatest thing you will ever do. 

Once you start detoxing from friends, colleges or whoever these people might be, you will attract people who will SUPPORT YOU and YOUR DECISIONS 

Why am I rambling on about this?
"I thought you were going to talk about self-love & Body Image?"

My point is this:

Once you feel comfortable making these changes in your personal life (detoxing from friends, partners, a specific job etc) you will feel even more comfortable within yourself, and the physical body.

Once we feel safe in our body, we start making changes, because we love ourselves, not as punishments. We feel the difference and that in fact, change might be scary but it is a good thing! 

When you do things for yourself out of love, you create a sustainable relationship with yourself and that is when change will happen. Small changes for a long time will lead to great results.

What is up with the relaxed / posing pictures?

5 years ago I could never have posted these pictures. Although I was skinnier then compared to now. 

My self-worth however was nothing like it is today.

I am worth just as much in both pictures, one is not better than the other.

Do I have a preference for one? Sure. But I know that I am the same person in both pictures. It is OK not to look “perfect” all the time. I have slowly stopped spending time with people who drag me down, work-places that doesn’t serve me and I am GLAD I did it!  It has provided me with so much more and the longer you do it for, the more you will get out of it.

Does that mena I never feel down or insecure? HELL NO!


When those thought in my head says that I am not pretty enough, not fit enough or that my thighs are too big or that I do not know enough about a particular subject or whatever it may be I tell myself this


Is that how you would talk to your friend?

Probably not.

Then why are you allowing your mind to speak like that to you?

I’ll give you an example

If your friend saw a picture of themselves and said ” OMG look at my arms, they look SO BIG”

What would you say?

” Yes you should go to the gym and eat less junk food”

OR would you say

” Don’t be silly, they are fine, it is just in your head!”


Could you be kinder to yourself?

Trust me, being kind is a lot better than letting that evil voice ruin your day(s).

I use this technique as often as I can and I invite you to do the same.

xx Izabelle

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