Monday's and the never ending dieting....

For many women Monday’s = “The start of my new diet”.

The week goes on and most women end up “failing”, feeling miserable and disappointed with themselves for not sticking to “the plan”.


There may be several reasons for not sticking to the plan… usually it is not about “motivation”

Here are a few examples:

1) Your choice of diet is not sustainable and you are starving your body of nutrients, causing unstable blood sugar levels which ultimately creates cravings + a binge-eating type of behaviour at the end of every day. You then tell yourself that “you will do better tomorrow” and “maybe skip a meal to compensate for today’s failure “

If you want help creating a healthy + sustainable way of eating, go to my website or send me an email for more info!

2) You may have triggers in your life that makes you eat / drink a certain way, but you are not aware about what the triggers actually are! They may be stress related and or emotional triggers.

I help women identify their triggers and how to use healthy tools to handle these situations INSTEAD of reaching for the chocolate bar or if you do how to NOT FEEL BAD ABOUT IT!

3) You may actually be addicted to certain foods without knowing! You don’t want to eat sugary foods but you just can’t resist saying no. Or maybe “you will just have a small piece” and you end up eating a whole block of chocolate or package of chips, and still feel hungry.
This is VERY COMMON and like any addiction you have to eliminate these foods and drinks and replace them with something else. Will this be for the rest of your life? Probably not, but going cold turkey is usually the most effective way of getting rid of your food addiction.

What to do if you have one or more of these three obstacles

Email me for more info and find out how we can help you detox from unhealthy habits and introduce new sustainable choices!

Personally, I’ve been going through ALL THREE examples above, but that is in the past and I’ve learnt how to identify my own triggers, got rid of my sugar addiction (I wasn’t even aware that I had one!) and learnt how to fuel my body to avoid binge eating + feel amazing!

There is another way of living, you don’t haven’t to battle your mind EVERY.SINGLE.MEAL! I promise.
Contact me for more info if you think you could use some helpful strategies on how to work on these areas

Example Exercise

Think back on the last time you over-ate or ate something you did not really want to eat but you did it anyway.

Ask yourself:

1) Had something happened that day, maybe that morning, during the day or later in the evening that could have triggered this reaction in you? If yes, what was it? Has this happened before? What emotions did you experience during this incident?

2) How did you feel during the experience (when you ate what you “shouldn’t have” been eating)

3) How did you feel after? What emotions did you have after you ate a whole block of chocolate (or whatever you ate) and what thoughts went through your mind while you were eating it?

If you cannot think back on a time, that is OK. If it happens again, think back on these questions and write down the answers on a paper / phone or just think about it for a minute or two.  This can be useful in identifying triggers and situation for YOU, and when you know the triggers, we can work on the type of reaction you would like to have to these situations instead of turning to food.

x Izzy

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