The BIG Decision

The Big Decision

Most of you would know by now that this babe is pregnant! YEPP!

 Get ready for a long read. 

When did we decide to have a baby?

My partner and I were celebrating our 1 year anniversary in Noosa earlier this year. We were about to go out for dinner when we got into a very interesting but oh THE MOST important conversation of our entire relationship! 

Long story short, it ended with my partner telling me that when I am ready ” let’s have a baby”. Aren’t those words every girls dream?! 

I looked at my partner and smiled thinking HELL YES but at the same time I thought, he is a guy, they don’t know what they want, I better leave it for a while and see if he still wants to have a baby in a week. ha! 

For those of you who do not know me that well, my partner and I met over tinder (yes tinder) and he was living in Tasmania at the time and I was on the sunshine coast. Again, long story short he wanted to come visit me after about 2 weeks of tindering. He flew to the sunshine coats and ended up staying with me for 2 weeks! IT WAS MAGICAL. This was in March 2018…. He sold his house, quit his job that he had for 10 years and moved in with me on the sunshine coast in July 2018. 

8 months later we are celebrating our 1 year anniversary in Noosa and we had pretty much agreed on that yes we both want a baby. Some of you may find this crazy, but when you know you know and we are best friends, best lovers and we get each other. Why wait? 

So…. We did not end up waiting a week, I asked him the following morning if he was serious because I am ready NOW! He said yes. 

I told my partner that I would ovulate in 6 days so if we want that baby we can try asap. The chance of getting pregnant on the first try is not very common so I thought we might as well start now. 

 At this time I was still at uni and had another 12 weeks to go before I would officially graduate as a clinical Nutritionist from my private collage in Brisbane.  

Fast forward 5 days before my period is due and BAM, I am pregnant!  Honestly… I was not surprised because the feeling when I did ovulate was different to a normal ovulation and I have been working on my health A LOT in the past year so I was expecting / wanting it to happen on the first try. Truth being told, I probably would have been a bit annoyed if we did not fall pregnant on the first try (that is just the way I am). 

Now what?

2 days ago I officially graduated from my Bachelor of Nutritional Medicine! Yay to me! I had my last clinic session in May but only just got send the paper stating that I am officially a Nutritionist. 

I am at this stage 24 weeks pregnant (6 months) and I will do a blog post about my first trimester experience as well as my second trimester. 

My goal is to still do work from home helping women with weight-loss as well as nutritional support during pregnancy + lactation.. all relevant to myself which makes it so much fun!

You will see a lot more posts about pregnancy + food + exercise and keep an eye out for my ebook focusing on the Do’s and Don’ts during pregnancy. 

In short, I feel amazing, I was very sick in my first trimester week 6-13 with extreme nausea. Other than that I have felt fantastic, I go to the gym 5 times a week and I do pretty much everything I did before falling pregnant (except for surfing now when my belly is too big!). 

I will speak to all of you very soon! Thanks for reading xx

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