Nutrition is king.
Exercise is queen.
Put them together and you've got a kingdom.

My name is Izabelle, I am the founder of SHE Nutrition & Fitness. I am a Clinical Nutritionist, Specialised Exercise Trainer and Chef. My great passion in life is Nutritional Medicine. By using an holistic approach, we educate, empower, support and let women THRIVE GLOW AND GROW. Our area of expertise includes Weight Loss, Correction of Hormonal Imbalances, Skin Beauty, Energy and Sleep Support & Personal Training.

We use a combination of advanced technology including: Nutritional Medicine, Pathology and Functional testing as well as Nutritional Supplementation to tailor individual treatment plans for every woman.

“Izabelle is fantastic. During training I saw the results I was after as Izabelle had tailored a program specifically for me and for what I wanted to achieve. After falling pregnant she adjusted my training to suit which enabled me to continue safely under her care. Not only is she an awesome PT but her extensive knowledge in nutrition helped to maintain my goals

-Sara Van Polanen Petel

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