Nutrition is king.
Exercise is queen.
Put them together and you've got a kingdom.

My name is Izabelle, I am a Clinical Nutritionist, Specialised Exercise Trainer and qualified Chef. My great passion in life is helping women achieve sustainable weight loss without using a crash-diet.

I understand what your body needs to let go of excess weight. I also understand how important it is for you to feel comfortable in your own skin and that it affects how you think, react and feel, every day.

It’s hard to enjoy life when you obsess over every mouthful of food you put in your mouth. You think you are doing everything right but your weight remains the same. 

Investing time and money into a new approach may feel overwhelming BUT the changes does not have to be dramatic!

We CAN find a solution that suit YOU.

We use a combination of advanced technology including Nutritional Medicine, Pathology and Functional testing as well as Nutritional Supplementation to tailor individual treatment plans for every woman.

Change is scary, right? I had a successful, secure and well-paid job, a close group of friends, and a comfortable unit in Sweden. Why would I leave? Passion

So here we are… I moved to Australia in 2013 to become a Certified Personal Trainer, and what place could be better than the mecca of Health and Fitness, the Sunshine Coast. After completing my Diploma of Fitness I immediately got offered a job as a Personal Trainer in a female gym only, one of the best female gyms on the Sunshine Coast! I knew straight away that THIS is MY PASSION! As rewarding as it was to work as PT, I chose to start a new phase in my career, Nutritional Medicine. Why? I want to give YOU all the tools YOU need to REALLY change YOUR life for the better! I want to give YOU what I never had, until today. 

Izabelle Malmberg

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