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Nutritional Consultation
$100 / hour

Full consult involving current and past medical + dietary history, full dietary analysis, supplementation and testing recommendations - if needed - future recommendations + goal setting + exercise plan.

Diet Analysis

Based on a minimum 3 days food diary filled out previously via app or email. Full breakdown of macro and micronutrient deficits and excesses + recommendations of what specific foods and how much of that food to eat to reach your needs. Online + Face to Face option

Health Assessment

Assessment involves:
Weight, Fat & Water percentage, Measurements, Muscle mass, BMI, Bone mass, Metabolic Age. Tongue + Hair + Nail analysis and Blood pressure.

Functional Testing / QML

We offer a range of pathology testing if indicated necessary.

Pathology testing can be useful to further asses your current state of health before acting on a nutritional treatment plan and additional supplementation.
Consultation needed.

Strong N Healthy Mums - Nutrition Guide $49

A Step by Step Nutrition guide outlining why & what specific nutrients you need to increase during pregnancy + where to find them in real food.
Access to our exclusive Facebook group + online support from our coach.

Online Exercise Guide during pregnancy $29

Designed for pregnant women to use at home or in a gym. Don't wait until after labour! Prevent excess weight gain, tone up, increase energy, shorten labour time, recover faster after labour and sleep better!
No consult needed.

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