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Nutritional Consultation

Full consult involving current and past medical + dietary history, full dietary analysis, supplementation and testing recommendations - if needed - future recommendations + goal setting + exercise plan.

Diet Analysis

Based on a minimum 3 days food diary filled out previously via app or email. Full breakdown of macro and micronutrient deficits and excesses + recommendations of what specific foods and how much of that food to eat to reach your needs. Online + Face to Face option

Health Assessment

Assessment involves Weight, Fat & Water percentage, Measurements, Muscle mass, BMI, Bone mass, Metabolic Age.
Waist to Hip ratio.
Tongue + Hair + Nail analysis
Blood pressure.

Functional Testing

We offer functional testing through Nutripath if indicated necessary. Pathology testing can be useful to further asses your current state of health before acting on a nutritional treatment plan and additional supplementation.

Signature Programs

Step by Step programs with weekly support + one on one consultations + Goal Setting + Exercise Schedule.
12 week weight-loss Program
12 week skin repair Program

Personal Training

Order an online program to suit your goals and abilities.

Designed for women to use at home workouts or in a gym.
No consult needed

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