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Nutritional Consultation

Full consult involving current and past medical and dietary history, full dietary assessment, supplementation and testing recommendations - if indicated - dietary evaluation, future recommendations + goal setting

Diet Analysis

Based on a minimum 3 days food diary filled out previously via app or email. Full breakdown of macro and micronutrient deficits and excesses with recommendations of what specific foods and how much of that food to eat to fill the gaps. General advice provided. No consult needed.

Health Assesment

This is suitable for women wanting to track their progression of their health journey. You will receive a copy of your; Weight, Fat percentage, Indicator healthy fat percentage, Percentage of body water, Muscle mass, Physical Index, Bone mass, Metabolic Age, BMR and BMI. Waist to Hip ratio, Girt-measurements (upper arm, chest, waist, stomach, hips and thighs) Tongue, Hair and Nail analysis and Blood pressure

Functional Testing

We offer functional testing through Nutripath if it is considered necessary. Pathology testing can be useful to further asses your current state of health before acting on a nutritional treatment plan and additional supplementation. Consultation required.

Signature Programs


Personal Training

Get your personalised online Fitness Program!
Based on your goals & current fitness level. We offer a range of programs including body weight, weight based, cardio-based, HIIT, functional training or a mix – your choice! No consult needed.

We also offer one-on-one training - Limited Spots!

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